Who We Are

CrossFit Kali is a community built for women, by women, to empower women. In our state-of-the art facility, CrossFit Kali offers a range of classes and training, from CrossFit basics to Olympic lifting, giving all women the opportunity to start, continue, or expand their fitness journey. Even if you’re not sure you want to make the trek, our dedicated coaches will help you take the first steps to a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle. At CrossFit Kali, you won’t just get fit. You will set and reach new accomplishments each visit. You’ll be welcomed, inspired, and challenged. You’ll embrace your strength and femininity, neither of which are mutually exclusive. Others might say they are, but we know better. We’re living proof, and you will be, too. At CrossFit Kali, our place is your place, your goals are our goals. We’re in this together, ladies. Now let’s do some squats.

Core Values


Progress – not perfection – is what we strive for at CrossFit Kali. When you visit us, we want to see you grow, we want to help you achieve. You’re not perfect, but who are we kidding? Neither are we.


Our members are our lifeblood. Your wellbeing, health, and happiness is our utmost concern. Our world-class coaches are committed to tailoring each visit to your specific needs and goals. Want more of this, less of that? Tell us. Your voice is always heard at CrossFit Kali.


We like goals at CrossFit Kali. We set them. We meet them. We exceed them. We are dedicated to helping you do the same.


We aren’t in the CrossFit business because it’s trendy; we’re in it because we know what we’re doing. We’re not gonna lure you in with our one-week free trial (it’s true, we have it) and then abandon you. Our loyalty isn’t to anyone or anything but you, our members. No bottom line. No excuses. Our loyalty is to you and your fitness journey, wherever it may take you.

Meet Our Coaches

  • Testimonial

    Lindsay Warren

    CrossFit Level 2

    About Lindsay Warren

    I have a passion for health and fitness and enjoy nothing more than the opportunity to help others through their journey of obtaining a happy and healthier lifestyle! Every day I look forward to inspiring people to learn more about nutrition while challenging them mentally and physically.
    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Level 2
    • CrossFit Kettlebell Certified
    • CrossFit Mobility and Injury Prevention Certified
    • AFPA Certified Nutrition Consultant
    • First Line Therapist in Nutrition
    • CCAA Softball National Champion
    • Bachelors Degree of Science
    Favorite cheat meal = Margaritas!! (that's a meal right?)   
  • Testimonial

    Sarah Lycett

    CrossFit Level 1

    About Sarah Lycett

    Watching women empower themselves and each other has to be one of my biggest joys and is the reason I love coaching!  I got into the CrossFit world more than 3 years ago and have never looked back.  The functional fitness and community elements is what I find most valuable about our gym and CrossFit!
    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CPR & AED
    • CrossFit Anatomy Certification
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
    Favorite cheat meal = Coffee Ice Cream (in my mouth!)
  • Testimonial

    Kay Schedell

    Kindness Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

    About Kay Schedell

    Kay found her passion for health and fitness while attending Western State College University and received a BFA in Sculpture as well as an Exercise Sports Science minor. Kay believes movement should be expressive but also safe. She hopes to lead her students in challenge classes in a positive and encouraging environment. When Kay is not teaching you can find her hula hooping, running, hiking snowboarding and biking.Barre Intensity

    • Balance Body Reformer Pilates

    • USAW United States Olympic Weight Lifting

    • Aeriality Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

    • Kindness Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

    Favorite Cheat Meal: Homemade Pizza!

Our Amenities

Climate controlled work out space all year round

Post work out scented towels

Gym Towel service

Shower facilites

Coffee, tea, and lattes available

State of the art equipment

WODIFY performance tracking service

A rocking chandelier!

  • Testimonial
    Eliza G.,

    CrossFit Kali has changed my life! I am physically and mentally stronger, I have self-confidence and a FABULOUS support group of women all dedicated to positively changing their lives!

  • Testimonial
    Amy Kalinchuk,

    What a fantastic gym for women! The classes have high intensity, led by positive, knowledgable staff. They are willing and able to modify everything to meet your needs for continued improvement. Great amenities, a great workout space, and an uplifting feeling. Get there!

  • Testimonial
    Erin Boriarty,

    Amazing gym! I've never enjoyed working out (and have never been good at it) but Coaches Lindsay and Ali make it fun and are always encouraging. It feels great to be surrounded by such supportive trainers that are always willing to help. Thank you, CrossFit Kali for kicking my butt!

  • Lucy Chantel ,

    After going to a co-ed CrossFit gym for several years, I wasn't sure how I would feel about an all women's gym...turns out joining CrossFit Kali was one of the best decisions I've ever made! The programming is awesome, as it is very difficult, but the coaches are really great at modifying and catering to everyone's individual needs. I've improved my lifting an gymnastics skills more in 10 months at Kali than several years at other gyms. The best part though? The community. These badass women are so supportive and fun to be around!

  • Justine Colton,

    I had always been one to "switch up" my gyms every 6 months whether it be from boredom, lack of results, or waining motivation. It has now been two and a half years that I have been a part of this incredible community at CrossFit Kali and I'm not going anywhere! I have gained an incredible amount of mental and physical strength in the past two years and have a much nicer sense of self. The coaches take such an individual approach and pay attention to everyones needs and learning styles, specifically how, when, and where to push people. Kali has become my second home, it's so wonderful to have such a kickass family of strong, healthy, (sometimes funny) friends!

  • Amy Kalinchuk,

    Women who want to increase their overall fitness should stop looking and sign up here. CrossFit Kali is an amazing place for women to workout, gain strength beyond your dreams, and enjoy a supportive, welcoming community. The programming is amazing, and the coaches are top-notch. My physical limitations are slowly being overcome, because they know how to modify the workouts to meet every athlete's needs. Don't think you are an athlete? You will soon enough, if you join this CrossFit gym for women. Did I mention the community? These people are my friends now! I look forward to working out! You get a week free to try it out--do it! Why wait?

  • Danielle Crider,

    This community is amazing. Vast array of fitness levels, unquantifiable support both inside and outside the gym. The coaches focus on form and safety rather than speed and increasing weight/reps. They often say if you don't fail you aren't trying. Working hard with incredible women towards the goal of being better humans.

  • Lindsay Mayfield,

    Excellent gym for ladies looking to get stronger with some friendly competition along the way. The coaches stress the importance of perfect form and have always made me feel safe. The class sizes run on the smaller side so the coaches can really monitor performance and technique. Every girl I've met there seems so supportive and inspirational in their own way. Highly recommend stopping by for a class and seeing for yourself!  

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