What is Crossfit?

According to CrossFit HQ, the aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness. To us, CrossFit is an enormously beneficial way to train for whatever life throws your way. With training methods that are constantly varied, you will exceed what you thought your body was capable of just by showing up consistently and trusting the programming. Getting all the groceries in the house in one trip? No problem. Vaulting over a locked gate? Sure! But why don’t you have a key, and are we going to get in trouble for this?

The way CrossFit is designed lends itself to infinite scale-ability, so every workout is just right for your current fitness level. It is our job to push you toward your goals once you are in here, but there is no “one size fits all” workout at CrossFit Kali. We understand that everyone is on a different fitness journey, so the only person you should ever be competing against is the person you were yesterday. Former or current college athlete? Get in here, you are going to love this. Never touched a weight in your life? Get in here, you are going to love it.

Ready to get started on your goals?